About Us


Bydgoszcz Local Tourist Organization “ByLOT” is an association belonging to the national network of LOTs (Local Tourist Organizations). It is a business support institution.

The governing bodies of the Association are the Management Board and the Audit Committee.

The Board of the Association consists of five people:

President of the Management Board – Jan Karol Słowiński,
2 Vice Presidents – Jerzy Matuszak and Mikołaj Joachimowski,
Treasurer – Piotr Weckwerth
The secretary – Michał Walczak.

The duties of the Management Board include, among others: representation of the Association, efficient management and convening the General Assembly of the Organization.

The Audit Committee consists of three people: the Chairperson – Elżbieta Kwiatkowska, Members – Jerzy Tomkiewicz, vacancy

The Audit Committee is responsible for controlling the operation of the Management Board and the association’s finances.

The organization bases its activities on the integration of various environments, including: entrepreneurs, cultural institutions, restaurateurs, hoteliers and local government authorities, in order to cooperate for the socio-economic development of the city and the surrounding area, including by organizing Tourist Product Exchanges, business meetings, training tourist guides and others.


The history is connected with the activity of the “Kanał Bydgoski” Foundation, which was the initiator and initiator of the establishment of LOT in Bydgoszcz. “ByLOT” was founded in 2006 by a dozen or so entities closely related to the local tourism industry, combined into the Founding Group.

From the beginning of its activity, “ByLOT” has focused on creating and popularizing the image of Bydgoszcz and the surrounding areas as an attractive region in terms of tourism, culture, sports, recreation and investment. These measures are intended to contribute to increasing the number of tourists, and thus increasing financial revenues from tourism.


The assumption is that the Bydgoszcz Local Tourist Organization is to evolve into a “think-thank” association, whose members will be speaking in public debate, looking for solutions to problems standing in the way of tourism development and analyzing the current market situation.

The main activities of “ByLOT” will be focused on organic work with entities creating the tourist offer of Bydgoszcz and the surrounding area in order to integrate the industry and improve the quality of services provided, which is intended to lead to the packaging of tourist services and the removal of existing barriers to the development of tourism in Bydgoszcz and its vicinity.

The process has already started, of which the following are excellent examples: the Bydgoszcz Forum for Tourism, the Tourist Product Exchange, the ByLOT Guide Academy, training courses for guides and staff serving tourist traffic, as well as regional teachers, business meetings of the hotel community and supporting the Bydgoszcz Tourist Card.